Outpaced Industry

Pasadena Villa Outpaced the Industry in 2020

Pasadena Villa uses a whole-person approach to treatment to address each client’s mental, physical, social, spiritual, and vocational needs. Our programs also incorporate a social integration approach to bring practical application of the skills learned to treatment and to provide clients with the best chance at recovery. Our programs go above and beyond to empower individuals and prepare them for life after treatment. Pasadena Villa surpassed the BASIS-24 National Comparison Group across key symptom severity measures when compared to 74,730 cases from many similar organizations.

Reduction in Depressive Symptoms

Clients at Pasadena Villa experienced a 50% average reduction in depressive symptoms and an increase in functioning (daily/role functioning and depression and anxiety symptoms).
50% Pasadena Villa
46% National Comparison

Reduction in Self Harm

Clients at Pasadena Villa saw a 72% average reduction in thoughts about hurting themselves and/or ending their lives.
72% Pasadena Villa
67% National Comparison

Reduction in Emotional Lability

Clients at Pasadena Villa reported a 69% average reduction in mood swings, racing thoughts, and feeling short tempered at discharge.
69% Pasadena Villa
43% National Comparison

Reduction in Psychosis

Clients at Pasadena Villa experienced a 67% average reduction of psychosis symptoms (hallucinations, paranoia, detachment, and disorganized thinking).
67% Pasadena Villa
55% National Comparison

Reduction in Substance Abuse

Clients at Pasadena Villa experienced a 48% average reduction in urges to drink, abuse substances, and problems with drugs or alcohol.
48% Pasadena Villa
38% National Comparison