Pasadena Villa Admissions

Admissions Process

The process begins with a call to our Admissions Team at 407.574.5190. During this call, our knowledgeable and compassionate Admissions Team will obtain the pertinent clinical and demographic information and begin the assessment process.

If the candidate for admission is currently at another treatment facility, or has recently been hospitalized, we may request that certain records be forwarded for clinical review, including:

  • Most recent psychiatric evaluation
  • Most recent history and physical
  • Most recent psycho-social history
  • Most recent clinical notes (if currently in a treatment program)
  • List of current medications, including dosage and frequency
  • Other clinical or educational records that may be useful

Once the clinical information has been reviewed by our Admissions Team, a determination of viability is given. For those who aren’t accepted for treatment, a reason for the denial is provided, as well as recommendations for other treatment options.

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Admission Criteria

The primary criteria we consider when admitting an applicant is their ability to benefit from the treatment methods we offer. In addition, we require the resident to be both medically and psychiatrically stable. Also, it’s important to note that each resident must admit themselves voluntarily.

If you or your loved one meets the following admissions criteria, please call us so that we can discuss which type of treatment might be best.

  • Diagnosed as having a mental illness
  • Age 18 or older
  • Ambulatory or capable of self-transfer
  • Able to participate in treatment programming and services
  • Free of major medical conditions requiring ongoing 24-hours-per-day, seven-days-per-week nursing services
  • Self-administers medication with staff supervision
  • Maintains personal hygiene and grooming with staff supervision
  • Initiates and participates in social interaction with staff supervision
  • Performs assigned household chores with staff supervision; and is capable of self-preservation

Payment Options

Provided below are details regarding the payment methods at each of the Pasadena Villa locations. We do not participate in Medicaid, Medicare, or Tricare programs.

We can work in cooperation with certain insurance companies on an out-of-network basis to offset treatment costs and utilize benefits that may be available to clients. We can run a verification of benefits to let each client know what their financial obligation would be depending on their specific plan. It’s important to note that coverage may vary by insurance policy or provider.

Our compassionate Admissions Team at Pasadena Villa can help walk you through your options for paying for treatment.


Private Pay





Insurance Accepted

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varies by location

Insurance Accepted




Meet the Pasadena Villa Admissions Team

Abigail Drury headshot

Abigail Drury

Director of Admissions
Brittany Salibury headshot

Brittany Salisbury

Assistant Director of Admissions
Barbara Duer headshot

Barbara Duer

Admissions Coordinator

Sabina Shakoor

Admissions Coordinator

Alaina Rourke

Admissions Coordinator

Jade Harris

Admissions Coordinator

Angela Franklin

Admissions Coordinator

Admissions FAQ

Family involvement in treatment is welcomed if appropriate and beneficial, and our treatment team makes every effort to ensure that family members are provided with updates as well as education on their loved one’s mental health diagnoses.  We value the opinion and input of family members and provide family therapy sessions (as often as is recommended by the treatment team with input from the resident and family members) through a variety of modalities including phone, in-person, and video conferencing.
Each client’s stay can’t be predicted as it’s based on how the client responds to treatment. With that said, we don’t run a 90-day, year-long, or any other predetermined length of stay for an individualized program. The length of stay is based on progress, as defined by the client’s treatment team, consisting of the client, the client’s family, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses, and the other supporting professionals at Pasadena Villa. Additionally, if a client is utilizing insurance for coverage, their length of stay is largely dependent on insurance approval as well.

To learn more about our treatment programs, call us today at 407.574.5190 or complete our contact form.

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