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Testimonials from our residents

Michael A, Resident

“It’s a great facility, wonderful staff and treatment center. I have done indoor rock climbing here but it’s more than just fun outings, it’s a place to heal and get better.”



Anonymous, Resident

“Pasadena Villa is a center that cared for me as a person and helped me to achieve my goals while practicing self love.”



Anonymous, Resident

“I highly recommend this facility for those people reaching out for help. It will challenge you to get the goals you want out of life, and they really try to do what works for you.”



Anonymous, Resident

“I am very grateful to Pasadena Villa for helping me with new techniques and treatments that have made an impact. I feel like this treatment has made a significant difference in my life!”



Michael D, Resident

“If you come here, take it seriously. You will get what you came here for. The staff is great and caring and will work with you as well as call you out when needed, but that is what I needed. I am very glad that i found this place.”



Matt D, Resident

“I reluctantly went to Pasadena Villa Orlando. My wife and friend told me it was a rehab center. I had been to many rehabs but I could not maintain any reasonable time in sobriety. I could stop drinking and taking opioids but I could not stay stopped. At every rehab center I had gone to I was told what I needed to do to stop drinking and drugging. I never looked for a reason why I did, nor was it suggested as something I may want to do. At Pasadena Villas that changed. I was asked to look at my childhood trauma my adulthood trauma . my self esteem issues, my codependency issues and dig deep. This was a new concept for me. For the first time I was in groups and one on one therapy sessions that really dug at why I felt the need to self medicate in the first place. Over several months I took part in EMDR sessions, one-on-one check-ins, trauma groups, codependency groups, art therapy, and Field trips. My background did not lend to this type of environment. I had run a highly successful multi-national company,  I employed over 500 people worldwide. Asking for help was not something I was used to. Everyone at Pasadena Villa made that possible. Help was offered right at the start. I found myself in a truly caring environment. The changes I made as a human being at the Villa have been nothing less than a miracle. I continue to practice and use the many tools I learned at The Villa. My PTSD has quieted substantially. EMDR remains a weekly practice with a caring therapist recommenced by Jess and Anastasia. Its hard for me to squeeze into a short review post the positive changes in my life as a result of the counseling and therapy I went through at the Villa. I entered the Villa a broken and hopeless man. Today I have a serenity I thought was impossible to obtain. I have been clean and sober for one year and 29 days as of this writing. I owe so much of my better communion with my environment to so many caring individuals on the staff. Curtis and Marnita got the ball rolling every day. cooking with Curtis and Art therapy with Marnita was a vital part of my journey. I still paint, I have a studio set up in my house. Desiree, Jess, and Anastasia where such very caring people. My sessions with them where a tough look at my past. I am grateful always to them for unlocking the core root of my addictive existence . Continued therapy couple with daily AA has been a winning hand for me. My one-on-ones with Stephens brought the total picture in to focus by examining progress as well as short comings. The presence and support of Miss Kathrine , Sam, Mckenizie and the rest of the crew stays with me. I can’t thank all of you so much for your help in starting my real recovery journey. I look forward to visiting soon. I do a lot of service work I bring my message of hope to rehab centers, jails and hospitals weekly. I make it a point to stress AA or NA might not be enough. For this addict it was not. Couple with solid therapy and support it has made all the difference for me. God Bless.”



Sabrina F, Resident

“I spent 2 months at Pasadena Villa Smoky Mountain Lodge. My experience was nothing but fantastic. I had a great team of therapist psychologist and a great team of tech A and B team. The nurses where always willing to answer any questions. I would recommend this facility in the future!”



Chris C, Resident

“Pasadena Villa was my first step to managing and living independently with bipolar disorder. I went to Florida after struggling severely with my first year of college. Between the life management skills they taught me and the help learning how to manage my bipolar disorder in a healthy way, the TLLC program gave me a set of tools that I still use daily a decade later. I felt like the staff cared about me and my health, and they understood exactly when I needed support and when I was ready to handle problems on my own. When I left the program I was able to go back to school, finished my degree and move into the workforce. I’ve recommended this program to others in person before, and I encourage anyone that is considering treatment centers to visit Pasadena Villa in person to meet the staff and see the facilities.”



S.N., Resident

“I recently voluntarily checked myself into Pasadena Villa’s Smoky Mountain Lodge location for 30 days for Major Depressive Disorder after three suicide attempts. The team of therapists and techs at Pasadena Villa saved my life, and I will be eternally grateful. I sought counseling since I felt lost and hopeless elsewhere and had always been told that I was ‘too high functioning’ or asked ‘how do we help you?’ I grew more lost and more hopeless. My therapist not only gave me hope but also recommendations and tools for how to prevent this from occurring again. If considering this investment, please know you won’t regret it–it is worth it, and their compassionate and innovative approach is wonderful.”



Resident, Paducah, KY

“I am alive because of their devotion to my recovery.”



Kimberly K, Resident

“I had a great therapist. Everyone was great.”



Resident, South Haven, MN

“My therapist Caitlyn made this the most swagged experience of my life, meaning the best of the best.  I would do it again.”



Resident, South Haven, MN

“If you need to be around lots of peers in an also positive and caring living situation, than Pasadena Villa is a great choice! There was always delicious food from the cooks and very compassionate facility workers that I could sit with to discuss any problems or situations any time i wanted. There are several different exciting field trip adventures and in-depth social groups. I have made a handful of long term friends and would love to come back if I was in need to.”



Resident, New York, NY

“Pasadena Villa Orlando is one of the best treatment centers I have ever been. to.  The staff is dedicated to being there and working with clients. I have learned more about myself here than I have in over 5 years of treatment. The groups are extremely helpful. The therapists and staff who run the groups know what they’re talking about. I am extremely happy and grateful for the opportunity to attend this amazing program!”



Resident, Metuchen, NJ

“I just want to say thank you for all that you’ve done for me. This place has genuinely saved my life. I came here a completely different person than I am today. I had attempted suicide and was insecure, afraid, deeply depressed, and psychotic. I hated myself and pushed others away, although I also desperately desired companionship. I was a mess. This program has brought me new life. I am now self-assured and secure. I am confident in my abilities, and I know that I will succeed. I owe my life to the staff, to my friends, and to my family.”



Resident, Russell Springs, KY

“I believe anyone who has a problem should come to Pasadena Villa for treatment. the staff is wonderful and very helpful and the culinary staff is excellent at what they do for their living and care about the residents.”



Resident, Raleigh, NC

“At Pasadena Villa, I was welcomed with open arms. It is the only program in the area of its kind where you will be welcomed and given individualized attention from the onset. This is a much needed program in the Triangle!”



Resident, Corpus Christi, TX

“This is an outstanding facility that cares about its clients. The individuals working at Pasadena including the psychiatrist, therapist and recreational therapist have your best interests at heart. The social outings are extremely enjoyable and beneficial to move you back into society.”



Resident, Miami, FL

“I found the services to be useful and conducted with diligence and respect.”



Resident, Orlando, FL

“The level of service and commitment of the staff is extraordinary. I would recommend this place to anyone who benefits from more flexibility and space who is motivated to get better and actively participates. My time here has changed and challenged me and my former view of myself and others. I’m doing and perusing activities and dreams that I would never have even considered when I first came.”



Resident, Winter Park, FL

“Pasadena Villa TLLC has kicked my life into gear. It provided me with the structure that I’ve always needed and helped me to develop my own set structure for my life without the need for someone doing it for me. It has a good structure that I think anyone would benefit from if they were struggling.”



Resident, San Clemente, CA

“Pasadena Villa’s support gave me a place to go when I didn’t know what to do; I feel they have helped me up and pointed me in the right direction.”



Resident, Orlando, FL

“I would recommend Pasadena Villa because the staff is willing to work with you 24/7 and help you with any needs.”



Resident, Hartford, CT

“The staff is friendly and very competent. They show compassion and concern for the clients’ well-being. The combination of medication and talk therapy is effective.”



Resident, West Milford, NJ

“The Villa has helped me immensely. This place has broken me out of my shell. It taught me that I CAN do it, that I CAN make friends and be SOCIAL. I came to this facility not knowing anyone, and in only two months, I became good friends with everyone. I learned so much from this place. Relationships such as friendship require a bit of effort, I knew that, but I always thought it was too hard. But it’s not. You just have to spend some time with people! Talk to them! It’s that simple! This was why going to college was tough. I didn’t know anyone, and that fact simply overwhelmed me. I thought it would be the same for here, that I would just simply isolate myself in my room the entire time. The activities during the day helped me so much, whether it was bowling or relapse prevention group, I was surrounded by people. Now that I’m leaving, and soon, going to college, it will be so much easier. I won’t be overwhelmed by not knowing anyone. I know what to do now to meet people, to make friends, and be comfortable doing so. It will take some practice of course, but thanks to everything the Villa has given me, I think I’ll be just fine.  I would recommend Pasadena Villa to others in need of services.”



Resident, Marietta, GA

“The time spent here helped me in figuring out my next steps in life.”



Resident, Miami, FL

“I found the services to be useful and conducted with diligence and respect.”



Resident, Lake Mary, FL

“It gives you the skills needed to function in society.”



Resident, Hollywood, CA

“It is a warm and compassionate place where people can heal.”



Resident, Winter Park, FL

“All around professionalism. The social integration focus helps build relations with others and helps to transition comfortably. Nice staff, flexible scheduling, and engaging groups if the resident is willing.”



Resident, Naples, FL

“Pasadena is unique because it is a treatment center for residential help but, it also has transition programs and offers people to also go to school or work while getting treatment at the same time if they wanted to.”



Resident, Orlando, FL

“I personally experienced a miracle at Pasadena Villa. When I started to feel my depression coming on, I entered another facility that I will not name, however after 4 weeks of being there, I was 100 times worse off with my depression then when I entered. After a family visit and seeing the shape I was in, my family aggressively looked and found Pasadena Villa in Orlando. When I arrived, I was heavily depressed and virtually had no hope or any emotional peace. What I witnessed after that was the miracle. The efficiency and care for me by the staff, therapists, facilitators, counselors, Psychiatrist and nurses on the premises participated daily to over see my health, emotional and psychological well being. Not to mention the nutritionists and culinary staff that make well balanced excellent and nutritional meals. If you or any loved one has any Psychological or mental health issue, I would highly recommend either one of their facilities located in Orlando or in the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. However, I am partial to the Pasadena Villa in Orlando.”



Resident, San Jose, CA

“If you need to be around lots of peers in an also positive and caring living situation, than Pasadena Villa is a great choice! There was always delicious food from the cooks and very compassionate facility workers that I could sit with to discuss any problems or situations any time i wanted. There are several different exciting field trip adventures and in-depth social groups. I have made a handful of long term friends and would love to come back if I was in need to.”



Resident, St. Petersburg, FL

“I have had a very positive experience with the staff at Pasadena Villa. Anytime I need help or to talk about a problem everyone from the program director to the psych techs have made themselves available to help. The treatment is very comprehensive using a variety of therapy styles which all combine to give me the help I needed before I came and the skills I will continue to need when I leave.”



Resident, Flint, MI

“This facility completely changed my life. There was a time when I wasn’t able to speak or eat and now I’m a productive part of society working two jobs, living on my own, and paying my own bills. I was taught techniques and ways to keep myself stable and to keep myself going. I owe this place so much for getting me to where I am today. I never thought I would “live” again but here I am.”



Testimonials from our parents and families

Ralph J, Parent

“Our son was at Pasadena Villas Smoky Mountain for 10 months. He came there after being at a couple other facilities for 3 months. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia right before coming to Pasadena. The care he got a Pasadena was life transforming. It took him a while to really settle into the treatment routines and to push himself to work hard. His therapist at the time, Nicole was terrific at encouraging and pushing him to work on his treatment plan. After a few months, Nicole advised that a “new voice” might be good for his progress, so Phillip became the lead therapist. That change was also amazingly seamless and very positive. Philip was great at pushing our son in a supportive manner without coddling him. We had weekly family sessions via conference call with the therapist and our son. And we visited every month and usually were able to have face-to-face family sessions during our visits. I appreciated that Pasadena Villas program lets residents use their computer, phone, etc. For our son, learning how to live productively amid all the distractions of life was important. And it was nice that he could call and Facetime whenever he wanted. Also, when we visited, we could sign him out and spend the day shopping and doing touristy things in Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. Through our many visits, we got to know the staff well. We were invited to stay and have dinner at the lodge on a couple of our visits (prime rib one time and strip streak on another time). Our son has been home for several months now. He is working and started school at the local community college. And he’s a joy to have in the house again. Pasadena Villa gave us our son back. And we are VERY grateful.”



Anonymous, Family Member

“We believe our son’s experience at Pasadena Villa was very helpful in his journey forward and are grateful for their care. We would highly recommend this facility to those with mental health challenges.”



Anonymous, Family Member

“They kept us involved throughout the process which was very important to us. We always felt our son was in good hands.”



Anonymous, Family Member

“The therapeutic treatment our son has desperately needed has only been given by Pasadena Villa. For years we sought out proper and excellent psychiatric treatment which has been so difficult to find. Substance abuse treatment is predominately what is accessible and yet It is mental health treatment that should be primary. Our young adult son deserves to have a healthy and successful life; without proper diagnosis and treatment this is impossible. Pasadena Villa has been exceptional.”



K.A., Family Member

“My family member suffers from debilitating anxiety and was suicidal. Finding Pasadena Villa was truly a God send for my family. After 6 weeks of outpatient therapy, we have a changed person. Happier, healthier and a much brighter outlook on life.”



Stephanie B, Parent

“Pasadena Villa provided a therapeutic setting for our loved one. All staff members were extremely kind, caring, and patient. They welcomed input from family and friends and engaged in a variety of treatment modalities. Clyde was always responsive to our requests and brought a tremendous amount of caring and patience to his work each and every day. The nurses, aides, and support staff should all be commended for their dedication to helping others. The facility is beautiful with incredible views, wonderful gardens, and an enclosed porch which facilitates healing and recovery.”




“My little brother had a mental health disorder, the structure they have was exactly what he needed in his life and it. The program carefully considers the ongoing needs. Thank you Pasadena Villa, without you compassion this would never happen!’



Mary B, Parent

“Our son faced multiple issues when he arrived. Within a few weeks Susan and Christina had zeroed in on the root problem. They also gave me great advice for how to help him.”




“Pasadena Villa/Smoky Mountain Lodge made such a difference for our daughter and consequently, our family. She has been diagnosed with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and Borderline Personality Disorder. She was hospitalized in an acute care behavioral health hospital for these issues for approximately one month before moving to Smoky Mountain Lodge. The admissions counselor was warm, understanding and professional and was able to put our minds at ease. Our daughter’s therapist was wonderful as well. He had a great rapport with our daughter and was able to help steer her toward making informed decisions and not just always having to react to circumstances that life throws at you. He regularly communicated with us and we were able to engage in telephone family sessions, which we felt were very informative and beneficial. Through the treatment that our daughter has received there, we have seen a tremendous difference in her ability to deal with certain aspects of her past and be able to move on with her life without being completely sidelined by her problems on a daily basis. The social integration model used at Smoky Mountain Lodge was very beneficial, as our daughter has issues with social anxiety and meeting new people. She was able to participate in group therapy sessions all throughout the day and attended several outings with other residents. Smoky Mountain Lodge was a wonderful opportunity for our daughter.”




“My son was treated here for his borderline personality disorder and another psychiatric problems. The staff was warm and welcoming with him, treated him in such a good way, I can tell he’s a lot better now. Thank you so much for putting a smile in my sons face.”




“It is very difficult finding resources for mental illness where you are treated with respect and the staff is experienced with the different conditions, medications and treatment plans. Pasadena Villa was a good experience for our loved one from admissions to doctor care and all levels in between. They were welcoming to family visits and keeping us updated. We were there 3 months and they helped find the right plan for the future upon discharge as with some illnesses there is more care needed and medication adjustments. It was costly so glad to see they have added some insurance plans which is very helpful.”Our son faced multiple issues when he arrived. Within a few weeks Susan and Christina had zeroed in on the root problem. They also gave me great advice for how to help him.”




“Our 18 year old son suffers with major depressive disorder and was a patient at Pasadena Villa for about 60 days at the beginning of 2018. Overall our experience was very favorable. The staff was wonderful and my son had only positive things to say about his interactions with them. They were professional, kind and truly helped him get his feet back on steady ground. When dealing with mental health issues, I think it is always difficult to know if you’re making the right choice for your loved one. There will be frustrations along the way and we had a few during this period of time, but overall our experience was quite good and I would definitely use this facility again should the need ever arise.”



Tammy P, Family Member

“Pasadena Villa took care of my loved one in a way that I will forever be grateful for. The staff was very friendly and supportive and showed so much love and compassion. Anything that I had an issue with was resolved quickly and respectfully. I would recommend this treatment center to others as it gave us hope and we can now see a future for our loved one. We are very grateful.”



Ethel P, Parent

“My son was with Pasadena Villa for 7 years. He started out as a resident and then phased to the corporate living and then to supported independent living. During that time , he found jobs that he could work. He attended first Valencia community College and then UCF. He graduated from UCF. He stayed with the program one more year and then we were able to bring him home. They taught him how to handle his disease, how to handle his meds, and get on with his life. Today he is working and is a productive member of society. I thank the staff at Pasadena for giving me back my son.”



Aimee L, Parent

“It is hard for me to adequately express how grateful I am to Pasadena Villa. The team at Pasadena Villa, quite literally, saved the life of my loved one and I will be forever grateful. The care my loved one got, from every single team member at Pasadena Villa, could not have been better. If you find yourself, or a loved one, in need of a treatment facility please consider Pasadena Villa.”



Elizabeth R, Sibling

“As a family member of a resident of Smoky Lodge, I can truly say after 4 months of working with their team and flying up to meet members in person, our family could not be happier with the care my brother received. The staff goes above and beyond to be there both in teaching/assisting their residents, but also provides a level of friendship and community my brother needed. It’s heartbreaking enough to have to have a family member be that far away, yet when I called, the staff answered and assured me of my brothers care and well being. We are entirely grateful for my brothers stay.”



Nana V, Parent

“There are very few resources in this country for parents of an adult child who is struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse. I can’t thank the staff at Pasadena Villa enough for helping my son to get the help he desperately needed while being treated with respect. He was a resident for about 2 months and in that time he finally found the right combination of medication while learning how to deal with his condition. His therapist had a weekly call with us to discuss his progress and the plans for the next step after Pasadena Villa. Our initial call was with the treating physician as well. Our son loved the group outings and pet therapy. I highly recommend talking with the admissions staff if you are looking for help. They did a thorough review of our sons case, including talking with us about his past in order to assess if this was an appropriate place for him. I’m forever grateful.”



Kate, Spouse

“Pasadena Villa Smoky Mountain Lodge facility and staff are excellent. We found that the medical system is ill equipped to treat mental illness. Physical issues coupled with mental health issues had reached life threatening status. We are exceedingly grateful to have found the program at Pasadena Villa where the facility and the staff really supported the healing process – for the patient and the family. The patient needed physical and mental healing and the staff ensured that all of his needs were addressed. Recovery is a lifelong process, but the support we received through the program at Pasadena Villa has given us hope for the future.”



Cynthia W, Parent

“My daughter’s experience at Pasadena Villa was superb! The brilliant views, the healthy food, the fitness equipment, and the musical instruments (used for spontaneous jam sessions) were great! Then combine that with group sessions that encourage healthy healing friendships and practical tools for emotional regulation. One of the best elements was the weekly family counseling sessions (via conference calls or skype) that helped everyone heal. After a few months, my child re-accessed hope and self-efficacy and can participate in life again! I am eternally grateful!”



Holly H, Sibling

“Pasadena Villa provided a first-rate therapeutic program. The staff was exceptionally caring and responsive to family requests to be kept informed, also well versed in a range of therapies which were tailored to individual needs. Unlike other residential treatment centers we explored, Pasadena Villa had the best approach to social integration, offering supervised opportunities to go into town, for example, to have coffee, see a movie, go bowling, giving residents a sense of autonomy. The variety of classes and experiences offering different tools to deal with problems, along with recreational classes (incl. Yoga), and individual and group sessions, help make Pasadena Villa unique.”



Tim W, Parent

“I was thinking about all the things Charlie has been through over the last year or so and thought of you. Thank you for caring for and working with Charlie. He is making solid progress. He is coaching part-time for the local high school lacrosse team. He is also volunteering each week at the local homeless shelter. Most of the time he is thoughtful and a pleasure to be around. The medicine he is taking has made a real difference.”



Bill J, Parent

“The treatment our son received at Pasadena Villa was superb. The staff – from admissions and administration on down, were courteous and kind; and Dr. K, the psychiatrist, was incredibly knowledgeable in changing and adjusting our son’s medications. The facility itself is reminiscent of a beautiful ski chalet, nestled in the Smoky Mountains.

And I cannot say enough good things about our son’s therapist, Robin. Robin was a wonder worker, helping to affect a remarkable, positive change in our son. Unlike the other center (see below), it was much easier to get information about our son’s treatment, and the weekly family therapy sessions via phone were expertly handled by Robin, as well.

Some background: our son, who is on the Autism Spectrum, had severe problems during his first quarter at college, and had deteriorated to such a state that he was told he had to take a medical leave of absence. My wife flew with him to a very famous treatment center in Arizona that said they knew how to treat patients on the spectrum. Not only did they not know how to properly deal with our son, he ended up much worse, and eventually we were told he could no longer get treatment there.

We had heard good things about Pasadena Villa during our initial research, and that they had particular skill in treating those on the Autism Spectrum (although that wasn’t our son’s only problem, at all). This time, the positive reputation was deserved.”



Parent, Los Gatos, CA

“The program helped our son who is diagnosed with schizophrenia to be much more organized and able to live more independently. He learned to cook, budget his money, follow instruction and learn the importance of taking his medications and staying away from drugs and alcohol.”



Parent, Brick Township, NJ

“Unique facility!! Incredibly talented staff combined with a program that works. Despite years of failed outpatient therapy the residential treatment at Pasadena Villa was the key to giving my family member his life back. The results were well worth the expense. I give the facility and staff (Orlando) the highest praise and thanks for all they accomplished.”



Sibling, Westlake, CA

“Our family had such a wonderful experience at Pasadena Villa. My family member received the best treatment from there, until she was ready to move forward. We traveled from California just to have her go to Pasadena Villa and would have kept her continuing treatment there if it was not out of state. The faculty was so attentive to all of her needs, and still remains in contact to follow up with our family. Thank you Pasadena Villa for giving our family the best chance, and starting us on the right track for treatment.”



Parent, Atlanta, GA

“Our son received excellent care while at the Smoky Mountain Lodge. He learned the value of taking medication, participating in groups and activities to develop coping skills and to learn how to enjoy life without the crutch of drugs and alcohol. We are very pleased and would recommend the program to others.”



Parent, Nashville, TN

“Smoky Mountain Lodge & Pasadena Villa in Tennessee was very welcoming and supportive to our family and our son who was just coming out of a first inpatient experience. We found that having a facility to bridge the gap between the hospital and real life was exceedingly helpful. Nicole was an awesome counselor and Tony was very informative during the admission process. While our hope is to not need this facility again in the future it is comforting to know that it exists if we do.”



Parent, Alvin, TX

“When a team of health professionals tell you that your adult child needs duel diagnosis treatment at a residential facility, and recommend only a few places, it’s a difficult thing to process. There are so many questions, and how do you know if a program will be the right one for your loved one? After talking to health professionals and the admissions team at Pasadena Villa, we decided on Pasadena for mental health and substance abuse treatment. After a bit of a rough start, which I now understand is normal for patients, our daughter was paired with a therapist who was really able to help her make some good progress. Also, the psychiatrist, nurses, and techs were supportive and helpful. I was able to communicate with the therapist, and other members of the treatment team when I had concerns. The ability to have good communications with the therapist and treatment team was a strong point of the treatment experience at Pasadena Villa. At the end of the day, you have to decide if a program is right for your loved one, but don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions to help you decide.”



Parent, Austin, TX

“I had to recently make the very difficult decision to admit my 19 year old son to a residential psychiatric facility. He has struggled for the last couple of years with his issues. We had been trying to find the right place throughout this process – without great success. Pasadena Villa Smoky Mountain Lodge was our answer! The staff there is thoughtful and very caring. When he arrived there he was very lost and struggling greatly. With the help of the amazing therapists there he found his balance in life and the proper medications to help him. I’m so grateful he spent time there. And I am grateful to the amazing therapist that helped him through this difficult time. Mental health is a very difficult struggle to have to deal with – thank goodness there’s Pasadena Villa to make the journey a bit easier.”



Parent, Washington, DC

“We were scared and overwhelmed when researching residential treatment centers for our son Maxwell. After an exhaustive search, we were very comfortable with Pasadena Villa (PV). From our initial intake email and phone conversations with Laurie Daniels, to our initial visit, to last Saturday, when we picked Maxwell to come home. Laurie and the executive director, Sally Lawes, were very transparent and answered all of our questions. They allowed us to add language into the agreement, provided us with references to call, and had a team available for us to meet with when we visited PV prior to admitting Maxwell. Once Maxwell was admitted, he saw the psychiatrist, Dr. Ownby, within 48 hours. PV involved us in every decision that was made, we had weekly phone calls with Maxwell and his therapist Tom Breitung (who was the best therapist for Maxwell), and they allowed Maxwell to advocate for his own discharge date. Dr. Ownby was great and kept us informed of any changes made to Maxwell’s medications. Dr. Ownby met regularly with Maxwell and was involved in several of the phone calls we had with Tom and Maxwell. It was an overall great experience, given the circumstances. Maxwell was also very fond of the entire staff at PV! But most importantly, Maxwell and Tom had a great relationship, which helped with Maxwell’s progress. We are hopeful for a brighter future for Maxwell. It was well worth the investment…thank you, PV!”



Parent, Nashville, TN

“Family and loved ones of individuals with complex psychiatric disorders coupled with addiction should strongly consider Pasadena Villa. Their care management team approach toward developing life and coping skills is highly effective in expanding quality of life issues, not only for the residents, but also their families. They take a macro, “whole body” approach by utilizing various patient-specific therapies and techniques. Pasadena Villa provides a safe and nurturing environment while offering transitioning levels of care. They succeed where others fail.”



Parent, Loudon, TN

“Having an adult child diagnosed suddenly with a mental illness is devastating on many levels for a family. Finding Pasadena Villa online and their immediate response with understanding and empathy to my panicked phone call was a feeling of relief that is hard to emphasize enough. Pasadena Villa employs loving and caring professionals that work with your loved one in the most positive way.”



Parent, Glenview, IL

“Those who have a loved one affected by illness know that suffering is not contained to the loved on alone but that such suffering permeates the entire family. We have been on a journey for several years attempting to the best of our ability to navigate the confusing and often incomplete paths of treatment for our family member. We had attempted three other facilities throughout Colorado and California before someone in our support group made us aware of Pasadena Villa. We researched the facility online, through word of mouth and with multiple phone calls with the admissions team. I am sure some of it was blind optimism, but overall we felt from the start that this facility had a focus unlike the others and would be different. I am glad to say that it was and happy to report that our loved one has been living a normal life now for over two months since completing the program at Pasadena Villa. Our family member was enrolled in the Tennessee facility. We felt that location would provide an opportunity to focus on treatment surrounded by the beauty of the Smoky Mountains. I want to share that the therapist with whom we interacted was unlike any of the dozens we have worked with previously and, while we never worked directly with the doctor involved, he too had a perspective unlike his predecessors and was willing to try a different treatment program. We visited our family member and found the staff to be more than accommodating, and the entire environment was encouraging. They stressed the importance of family healing which enabled the treatment to extend beyond the facility itself. We were not only afforded ample opportunity for communication; but we were also encouraged to do so as often as we could. There were many people who made a difference in the outcome we achieved. Gracie was simply fantastic in her perspective and delivery. Bo was encouraging and guiding. John called it as he saw it. Scott, who acquired Pasadena while we were involved in it, participated personally in the oversight of the treatment of our family member. I can tell you that not one of the previous facilities we were involved with went anywhere near this level of effort. Our experience did have one area of negativity in that Pasadena Villa utilized a third party to interface with insurance companies. My experience with that outside organization was atrocious in that that they were unprofessional, untruthful, and non-communicative. This caused significant difficulty for us in working with our insurance company. When speaking with Scott, the Pasadena Villa CEO near the end of our program, I brought this to his attention, and he indicated that he would correct the situation so that others did not encounter what we did. In closing, I will tell you that these types of illnesses are a journey. I am happy that our stop over at Pasadena Villa yielded results unlike we had encountered before and that all of you reading this may also achieve results like ours in your personal journeys.”



Parent, Greenwich, CT

“My daughter benefited from her time at Pasadena Villa’s Smoky Mountain Lodge.  At first, it was slow going but, when she began to participate in the program, she clearly began to improve. Her therapists, Kyle and April, showed a good understanding of her needs and could help her prepare for her next step. I can only hope that her next transition program will be as successful.”



Parent, Gulf Breeze, FL

“Pasadena Villa is located in a beautiful, relaxing setting. The staff there truly care about their patients and their well-being. They do an excellent job of individualizing care. Their communication with the family of the patient is consistent and valuable. I researched the facility before sending my son there and I was told by a source from the West Coast it was in the top three facilities in the country.”



Parent, Kingsport, TN

“We were at our wit’s end trying to find a place which would accept our son because he was such a flight risk. Pasadena Villa’s Smoky Mountain Lodge accepted the challenge and did a remarkable job of turning him around in a few short weeks, to the point where he recognized he needed help and could begin to accept it. Although he was not very receptive to the group therapies, the Villa provided enough individualized attention to make the difference. We cannot thank them enough and recommend them highly.”



Parent, Tampa, FL

“The staff at Pasadena Villa is awesome in every way. Both for their care and treatment to our son and, in their care and understanding to us, the parents.”



Parent, Chicago, IL

“Beautiful facility in a beautiful setting, staffed by skilled and caring professionals.”



Parent, Los Gatos, CA

“The overall experience was very helpful for our son to get more grounded and ready for the chance to be independent.”


Parent, New York, NY

“You provide excellent service, and I would be happy to recommend you.”



Parent, Broken Bow, NE

“Good at what they do, good service, good facility, well trained people & nice environment.”



Parent, Chapel Hill, NC

“(Sevierville) Pasadena Villa is a good treatment facility for a client who is newly diagnosed and/or just out of the hospital. My son could begin his recovery in a beautiful and safe environment. He received good education about his MI, a successful change in medication, and the positive and negative feedback that he needed. The staff stuck with him even during some behavioral difficulties. The transition to Pasadena Villa Orlando has been seamless.”



Parent, Dallas, TX

“Very peaceful environment. We were kept well informed. It was easy to reach out to the therapist and case manager.”



Parent, Orange County, CA

“Our son feels that he received the help he needed at Pasadena Villa and his experience was a positive one.”



Parent, Houston, TX

“We are very grateful for the compassionate care our daughter received. All of us felt confident and at peace with your level of care and expertise.”



Parent, Nashville, TN

“We felt very secure with the staff and the team taking care of our daughter. She was given every opportunity to work on the things that she needed to work on and given the support that she needed. I felt that the staff and treatment team were open and honest with my husband and I and this was comforting given the situation. The facility was very welcoming and gave the feel of a residential setting rather than in-patient which we preferred. The therapist that our daughter dealt with did a good job, and we felt she truly cared about the case.”



Parent, La Jolla, CA

“The staff at the business office was very responsive and helpful. Everything was excellent. The Clinical Services Managers and the Psychiatrists are all outstanding individuals. Their background and experience provided an excellent foundation for our son to find balance in dealing with his illness. He has an excellent therapist; she is tenacious and compassionate, and it is evident how much she cared. Please thank the nursing staff – they were always available and provided an additional source of feedback. We are holding our breath, hoping for the best.  THANK YOU, PASADENA VILLA SMOKY MOUNTAIN LODGE.”



Parent, La Jolla, CA

“I have referred several potential clients to Pasadena Villa Smoky Mtn. Lodge. As a mental health professional, I am very happy to give accolades to this organization.”



Parent, Chicago, IL

“Beautiful facility in a beautiful setting, staffed by skilled and caring professionals.”



Parent, Plano, TX

“TLLC very helpful and was the best part of my son’s treatment.”



Parent, Fort Myers, FL

“It’s a great place, and not many other facilities provide similar service”



Parent, Hudson, NY

“Your facility saved my daughter’s life. Her therapist was wonderful and quite positive.”



Parent, Orlando, FL

“I only have one program comparison but your services are far more complete and comprehensive.'”



Parent, Orlando, FL

“It’s been such a long road. Thanks for everything you have done for my son.”



Parent, Vienna, VA

“I feel Pasadena Villa provided a safe environment where my daughter could work through her issues and get the help she needed. I especially thought the therapist for my daughter was excellent.  They balanced the need for compassion with the need to provide that kick in the pants to keep progress moving forward.”



Parent, Orlando, FL

“Our son needed the complete care your program offered.”



Parent, Orlando, FL

“There is compassion for clients and individualized treatment that moves at the pace the patient needs to recover.”



Parent, Seminole, FL

“They have been working with my son for over two years and have led him thru many phases of his treatment. He has come a long way and now understands his disability and now knows what to do to move forward with his life. I thank everyone at Pasadena Villa for working towards his transformation.”



Parent, Jupiter, FL

The services and program at Pasadena have been excellent. The staff has shown consistent expertise, dedication, and compassion. The team has had a very positive impact on helping my daughter through her struggles.



Parent, Murrieta, CA

“There is camaraderie with age group peers in a beautiful setting. The program provides social experiences with active correction and lots of therapy and group discussion. Strategic planning is provided for the individual involving progression towards a goal. Pasadena Villa understands everyone’s problems and shows compassion for them.”



Parent, New London, NC

“Top quality facility and staff. Excellent.”



Parent, Roanoke, VA

“Excellent treatment team and great facility.”



Parent, Dallas, TX

“Very peaceful environment. Our family was kept well informed. It was easy to reach out to therapist and case manager.”



Parent, Manalapan, NJ

“The program helped our son immensely. We were extremely fortunate it was a great match between him and the services the program offered.”



Parent, Carlsbad, CA

“I think that Pasadena Villa has proven that it can deliver results.”



Parent, Gilbert, AZ

“We are very pleased with the care. Our son is doing much better, and we look forward to welcoming him and have faith in the program.”



Parent, Winter Park, FL

“Other than my Son’s determination, Pasadena Villa has been the reason he has stabilized and been so accomplished in reaching goals he sets for himself. Your structure, support, compassion, experience, and meeting individualized needs are outstanding.”



Katherine M, Parent

“My son just started this program 1 1/2 weeks ago and I cannot speak highly enough of what he has gained already. My son is someone who is severely challenged by integrating into a new environment or with new people and he has been eating up all the skills they are teaching him. If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I wouldn’t believe it. Issues that have been a problem for him for years are being addressed and corrected on a daily basis. Over the years, it seems like we had tried everything on the planet to help our son, but apparently not…not until now…WITH THIS PROGRAM.”



Testimonials from our providers

Starlight Counseling

 “In addition to being a realm of beauty the programming and staff focus on the client as a whole person. You leave Pasadena Villa not just feeling ok but great.”



Adam M, Psychologist

 “As a local practicing psychologist, I have included the Villa Orlando as a competent referral source in residential rehabilitation for over 10 years. With the Villa, I can count on quality care from licensed/credentialed medical, therapeutic, and assisting staff. The social integration model is an added bonus other residential treatment facilities are not equipped to provide. The “real life” challenges this treatment model allows means residents can have therapeutic support while engaging in independent behavior at their level of readiness. Residents complete the program with the skills necessary to maintain stability and further their personal growth.”



Pam T, Educational Planner

“Thank you for a wonderful tour of Smoky Mountain Lodge. All of the people who work at the program that we met were warm and caring.  I love the serene feeling of both the lodge and farm.  The work with animal therapy is so healing and the activity that was planned was very creative.  The therapist running the group was very skilled. The program is beautiful and the food is healthy and tasty. The schedule you shared with us is well thought out. Thank you for all you do for families.”



Sarah, Educational Consultant

“At Pasadena Villa, my client had the best-orchestrated admission I have ever experienced.”



Kathleen, Case Manager

“I have been working with clients with mental illnesses for many years and highly recommend Pasadena Villa for treatment of your family member or loved one. Although it is definitely not cheap, the care that my client received was above and beyond. The therapist, nursing staff and their whole team were communicative and worked very hard toward more independence for their resident. They are highly skilled and personable.”


Jamie, Sober Escort

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with and referring to Pasadena Villa for several years now, and with each client, my admiration for the staff and their facilities grow. From my first trip to the Smokey Mountains over 6 years ago to my last trip to downtown Orlando FL, I’ve always been impressed with Pasadena’s staff, programs, clinical excellence, accommodations, activities and food. Both Saturday night smoothies in Orlando and homemade pizza in the mountains definitely rate high marks, but it’s their team and treatment services that have earned my 5 stars. Compassion, empathy, knowledge, and professionalism, along with genuine care & concern are what make up the Pasadena Villa team. As a matter of fact, we delivered a young man to the Smokey Mountain campus just this week. What a beautiful place to enjoy the summer and heal your life. With love and respect.”


Sharon, Therapist

“As a mental health professional in private practice, Pasadena Villa provides me with invaluable services to offer my clients–partial hospitalization, or intensive out-patient care is sometimes necessary to help clients struggling with acute disorders. Pasadena Villa and the entire staff are invested in our community and in helping our clients in their journey to mental, emotional and physical well-being.”


Mark, Educational Consultant

“As a referring professional, I gauge my program options on specific criteria such as reviews of patients placed at a program, follow through by staff working within the program, ability to communicate with staff serving the population, and experiences of others doing similar placements at the given program. No one program can ‘fix’ an individual. What does happen at Smoky Mountain Lodge from my experiences is an improvement of the life of the patient by building up successful opportunities. “