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The Impact of Psychosis on Patients and Families

Daughter consoling Mother
  • The behavior associated with psychosis can affect the whole family.
  • Since psychosis can be the symptom of a mental illness, it is difficult for family members to understand since they do not know much about it, such as how it is treated, or what its causes are. Its intangibility makes it particularly hard on friends and family who cannot see or feel the force behind the suffering.
  • Family members can help someone who is struggling by looking for warning signs such as a worrisome drop in grades or job performance, new trouble thinking clearly or concentrating, suspiciousness or paranoid feeling with others, withdrawing socially, decline in self-car, difficulty distinguishing reality from fantasy, and confused speech or trouble communicating.
  • Pasadena Villa strives to work in concert with close family members to understand and take a constructive role in understanding the dynamics of psychosis and the mental illness that may be associated with it and assist the client in preventing relapse.