Mental Illness Among College Students


The rate of mental illness has been growing exponentially among college students in recent years. The conclusions from a recent study …

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The rate of mental illness has been growing exponentially among college students in recent years. The conclusions from a recent study conducted by NAMI and Abbott Laboratories are alarming:

  • One in three students reports experiences of prolonged periods of depression.
  • One in four students reports having suicidal thoughts or feelings.
  • One in seven students reports engaging in abnormally reckless behavior.
  • One in seven reports difficulty functioning at school due to mental illness.

The study also found that students and parents are lacking in awareness and understanding of mental illness despite its common occurrence – especially with bipolar disorder. More information can be found at

“The impact of untreated mental illness on a college student’s life can be devastating. Undiagnosed mental illness can cause people to withdraw socially, drop out of school, engage in substance abuse, or exhibit other unsettling behaviors.”

– Ken Duckworth, M.D., assistant professor at Harvard Medial School and medical director for NAMI.

Steps to solve this issue have already begun taking place with the development of Bipolar Disorder Awareness Day. The event’s mission is to increase awareness, promote early detection and accurate diagnosis, and reduce negative impact in the general public.

 The solution lies within our reach through honest conversations between the parents and students, research, and professional consultation. It is only through awareness that common misconceptions and stigma of mental illnesscan be replaced with understanding and patience.

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