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Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model Demystified

What exactly is Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model?

Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model is the very essence of our programs.  Social integration therapy is based on real time therapeutic interventions while experiencing real life situations.  They are used to ensure social and life skills treatment concepts are not only presented and reviewed, but they are experienced in the moment, analyzed and processed with professional guidance, and then implemented by residents. By providing real life treatment experiences, we build appropriate interpersonal skills so residents can rebuild relationships with their community, family and friends, and even to make new acquaintances.  To complement our Social Integration Model, we provide exceptional clinical care via traditional family, individual, group and expressive arts therapies.

Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model deconstructed.

Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model intensely prepares clients for life after treatment by the introduction to and hands-on involvement in relevant, real life situations within in the community, in real time.


Our licensed clinicians observe situations relevant to our residents such as recreational, social and life skills activities then intervene as appropriate.  Through an effective therapeutic alliance with our clinicians, ongoing feedback, support and direction are provided to help guide the therapeutic process, to assist the resident to meet his or her individualized treatment goals and regain control of their lives. Residents create their own treatment experience in our programs. Activities are selected by our residents; chosen to make individualized progress that influences their life’s decisions, long after treatment has concluded.

Residents enjoy fun in sunny Central Florida.

Residents enjoy fun in sunny Central Florida.

Real Life

Our residents receive expert clinical care and guidance from our licensed clinical staff in real life situations in a natural environment.  Our residents get to enjoy the many fun and rewarding experiences that life has to offer within the local community while practicing the life skills necessary to have a socially fulfilling future after treatment.  Inside our facilities we do many things that a normal family would do in real life. For example, we serve all of our meals at one large table. Even meal time is a part of the therapeutic process with staff and residents at one large banquet table, modeling, practicing, and learning appropriate social and communication skills and behavior.

SML Dinner Table

Weekly  Dinner at Pasadena Villa’s Smoky Mountain Lodge

Real Time

Our licensed mental health professionals observe residents and instantly intervene, as appropriate, in real time.  These observations are then incorporated into the client’s treatment plan so they can practice the application of those learned skills to any situation, in the future to achieve a higher level of individual functioning for life outside of treatment.

Clinicians at our residential programs have no offices.  They constantly work and mingle directly with the residents in their environment providing continuing guidance and feedback in the moment.

Resident Artistic Rendering of Pasadena Villa's Smoky Mountain Lodge.

Resident Artistic Rendering of Pasadena Villa’s Smoky Mountain Lodge.

Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model is designed for residents to learn by doing.

Residents participating in experiential learning have a higher chance of successfully retaining and implementing concepts presented during treatment. Dale’s Cone of Experience is a model related to instructional design and learning processes. During the 1960s, Edgar Dale theorized that learners retain more information by what they “do” as opposed to what is “heard”, “read” or “observed. Today, this “learning by doing” has become known as “experiential learning” or “action learning”.

Dale's Cone

Dale concluded that, after two weeks, people remember 10% of what they read, 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see, 50% of what they see and hear, 70% of what they say and write and 90% of what they say and do. Therefore, the more an individual experiences during their treatment, through a variety of modalities, the more successful they will be (Dale, Edgar. Audio-Visual Methods in Teaching, 3rd ed., Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York, 1969, p.108).

Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model is based on providing an authentic treatment experience that will be applied to a resident’s everyday life after treatment. For residents to accurately understand, apply and ultimately retain the skills learned in treatment, they must be introduced to real life situations that they would perhaps seek or encounter in their daily lives while being accompanied by our licensed professionals to present and review the relevant treatment concepts and their behaviors. Our residents get to learn and practice what they learn while in treatment to help prepare them for their everyday lives afterward.

Our Social Integration Model is a direct representation of our uncompromising service to residents and families, with the most unique and meaningful treatment experiences possible.

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