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Co-occurring Substance Abuse or Addiction

The American Psychiatric Association says co-occurring substance dependence is a disorder measured on a spectrum. Physical dependence is identified by a tolerance to the drug, and psychological dependence is defined by cravings for the drug or an obsession over getting and staying high.


How is Co-occurring Substance Abuse or Addiction Diagnosed?

  • Diagnosis of substance use disorders is based on evidence that an individual has impaired control, social impairment, risky use and pharmacological criteria.

How Common is Co-occurring Mental Illness and Substance Abuse?

  • SAMSHA estimates that at least 17.5% of persons with mental illness also have primary substance abuse or dependency disorders.

What Causes Co-occurring Substance Abuse or Addiction?

  • General causes of substance addiction include genetics, brain chemistry and environment factors. Risk of development is significantly higher when a first-degree relative has the disorder.

How is Co-occurring Substance Abuse or Addiction Treated?

  • For individuals with mental health disorder and substance abuse or addiction, integrated treatment is recommended. Integrated treatment may include medical detox, evaluation, diagnosis, treatment plan, personal therapy, group therapy, family therapy, aftercare plan or after care services and support.


At Pasadena Villa, we treat issues with Co-occurring Substance Abuse with the most advanced and effective methods available, always making sure the resident’s needs are the number one priority.

The Impact of Co-occuring Disorders on Patients and Families

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