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The Impact of Anxiety Disorders on Patients and Families

Anxiety Impact
  • Anxiety Disorders can affect the family as well as the sufferer.
  • Acute anxiety can undermine the indivdual’s ability to function in everyday roles that are expected of them, such as employment, parenting and common social interactions.
  • Symptoms of anxiety can include irritability, tension, poor concentration, lack of sleep — these can obviously affect one’s interpersonal relationships with family members or one’s ability to do one’s work effectively.
  • In a panic disorder, a patient normal activities are avoided because they may tend to trigger a panic attack. Fear driving, for example, severely limits a person’s ability to interact socially in such a way that their family and their friends and coworkers are affected.
  • Pasadena Villa strives to work in concert with close family members to understand and take a constructive role in understanding the dynamics of anxiety and assist the client in preventing relapse.

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