Residential and Day Treatment

Levels of Care Available at The Villa Orlando and Smoky Mountain Lodge

The Villa Orlando and Smoky Mountain Lodge offer on-site and off-site treatment options. Residents may begin at any level of care; however, we highly recommend each new resident begin with Intensive Residential Treatment and then move through the levels of care as progress is made.

As well, all our programs are voluntary, and we never use restraints or locked-in client facilities.

On-Site Residential Treatment Options:

Intensive Residential Treatment: Our most intensive level of care, Intensive Residential Treatment offers a high staff to resident ratio, 24-hour staffing, and a variety of individualized therapies, education, and support.

Community-Based Residential Treatment: Less intensive community residential care is offered in single family group homes. While these homes require less supervision by our staff, additional on-call support staff are available 24/7.

Our gender-specific Community Residential Homes offer a safe, comfortable home-like environment. Our staff also offers a host of treatment and support services customized to guide each resident to reach his or her highest level of independence possible.

Off-Site Treatment Options:

Day Treatment: Many people have progressed enough not to need residential treatment, but still need support. Day Treatment is more intensive than outpatient care but is less intensive than our community-based residential treatment. People can take part in individualized therapeutic activities seven days a week while living within their own, off-site residence. Our staff will help in finding and securing appropriate housing.

Supported Housing: Similar to Day Treatment, Our Supported Housing services allow people to participate in individualized therapeutic activities several times a week while living within their own, off-site residence. Our staff helps in finding and securing appropriate housing, as well.

Pasadena Villa not only meets specific local, state, and federal regulations, but we work hard to exceed them.  We also voluntarily choose to meet or exceed the higher standards required for the prestigious Joint Commission Accreditation, with which all Pasadena Villa programs and locations are accredited.

Length of Stay:

An individual’s stay at Pasadena Villa cannot be predicted as it is based on how well the resident responds to medications and therapy.

With that said, we do not run a “90-day” or “year-long” or any other predetermined length of stay for an individualized program. The length of stay is based on progress, as defined by the resident’s treatment team, consisting of the resident, the resident’s family, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, nurses and the other supporting professionals at Pasadena Villa.

For most people, their stay averages at about 3 or 4 months of intensive residential care. This is typically followed by about 6 to 9 months of supervised living in a “step down” setting at one of our several levels of community housing.

Again, all of this is based on the individual progress and needs of the resident. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call our admissions office at 407-624-5185 or complete our contact form.