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Julie Eberwein

Associate CEO & Clinical Administrator

Dr. Eberwein has spent over 10 years consulting and training staff from organizations all over the nation, utilizing dynamic and cutting-edge approaches to programming, service delivery, supervision, treatment, and research. During her career, she has served disenfranchised populations stricken with poverty, homelessness, incarceration, untreated addictions and mental illness. She has held executive, leadership roles in for-profit and nonprofit behavioral health organizations throughout the state of Florida and Georgia. From 1999 to 2013, Dr. Eberwein was an adjunct professor of Psychology, Human Services, Women’s Studies, and Criminal Justice at the University of Central Florida and Seminole State. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Florida, leading to a Master of Arts in Counseling/Art Therapy from Norwich University, and earned her Doctorate Degree in Psychology with a Forensic focus from the Miami Institute of Psychology and Capella University. Dr. Eberwein is recognized as an innovative and results-driven leader, and as the driving force behind the successful outcomes experienced by not only exceptional behavioral health agencies but by the patients and families involved in services. Dr. Eberwein has obtained the following certifications and licenses: Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC), Certified Addiction Professional (CAP), Criminal Justice Addiction Professional (CCJAP), Certified Addiction Prevention Professional (CPP), Certified E-Therapist (CET), and Clinically Certified Forensic Counselor (CCFC).

Location: Smoky Mountain Lodge