Francis Deal, MS

Francis completed her bachelor’s degree in sociology with an emphasis on social and furthered her education by completing a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. She is pursuing her licensure for LMCH. Her philosophy of counseling revolves around providing a safe space for anyone in the room in order to allow themselves to be as vulnerable as possible to enable them to explore themselves while maintaining professional boundaries. Francis wants those she works with to see each other as equals in the room rather than as therapist and client, which would cause them to have an inaccurate sense of power. She believes that those she works with should be treated with the utmost respect as she tends to utilize strategies from person-centered therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and dialectical behavioral therapy. Francis displays counselor dispositions such as empathy, acceptance, and genuineness through active listening skills, nonverbal cues as well as asking open-ended questions. She aims to develop these skills as she focuses on supporting her clients in such a way that they feel comfortable communicating and expressing their emotions. She also ensures to be aware of her own biases in order to improve cultural competency as she aims to treat all clients as equals in groups and adjust to their cultures as well. Francis demonstrates self-awareness by practicing self-care through the establishment of a work-life balance, spending time with friends, doing the things she loves, and prioritizing alone time to prevent burnout.