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Eva Miller

Eva Miller
Art Therapist

Eva received her training in Art Therapy & Creativity Development at Pratt Institute in NYC in 1999 and is a registered art therapist and a licensed professional counselor in North Carolina. She has provided art therapy services in a variety of community settings including treatment centers, hospitals, clinics, and schools as well as at her Raleigh private practice. Eva enjoys using art and creativity personally and in her work with clients.   Her philosophy is that the arts facilitate insight, growth, and healing.   She especially enjoys witnessing creative and personal breakthroughs with those who are not used to expressing themselves in this way, and say “but I am not an artist!”  She finds this work to be particularly valuable in the recovery process where it can be a tool for self-exploration and expression, stepping out of our comfort zones, challenging perfectionism, and identifying and expressing emotions.

Location: Pasadena Villa Outpatient - Raleigh, NC