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Dr. Paul Brar

Dr Paul Brar

Board Certified Psychiatrist Attending

P. Paul S. Brar, MD, was born and raised in India, migrated to the United States in 1982, and has been in practice in Charlotte, North Carolina since 1993. He spent his adult residency training at Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Washington, D.C. and his Child and Adolescent fellowship at William S. Hall Psychiatric Institue in Columbia, South Carolina. Dr. Brar is board certified in psychiatry through the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. In addition to being the medical director at various facilities around North Carolina and South Carolina, he has also maintained his outpatient psychiatric practice and is an attending psychiatrist at Piedmont Medical Center. Dr. Brar is an avid patient advocate who strives to not only understand the patient’s needs, but also their family, caregivers, and other providers. He has a passion for treating patients with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosis, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and ADHD.

Location: Pasadena Villa Outpatient - Charlotte, NC