Brooke Bishop, LMHC

As a young energetic woman, Brooke would enhance her thirst for knowledge by attending Florida Memorial University where she graduates with honors cum laude and received her bachelor’s in science in Psychology. Brooke furthered her education by receiving a Master of Science degree from Florida Agriculture & Mechanical University specializing in clinical mental health. She is pursuing her licensure for LMCH. Brooke has worked in the mental health field as well as substance abuse for one of the largest substance abuse clinics throughout the United States with over 70 locations. She has been involved in organizations and participates in various roles such as suicide prevention center, behavior health specialist for Tallahassee hospital, and Certified peer educator for suicide. Brooke strives to bring an effective blend of expertise, a clear diagnosis, concise goals, and genuine concern that will maximize outcomes and provide healing and wholeness for the patients and their pain. Brooke is motivated by the belief that children and adults can be successful learners and develop coping skills. I possess an excellent ability to build therapeutic relationships and facilitated growth.