Six Tips for Better Time Management


We all get stressed once in a while. We all thought about how there was never enough time to complete our …

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We all get stressed once in a while. We all thought about how there was never enough time to complete our tasks. Even with the limitless number of time saving devices, we always run out of time. We are constantly filling our time with things that are “time saving” that create unnecessary stress in our lives. According to the time management experts at, there are several ways to reduce stress and add an extra hour in the day. Here are six tips for better time management:

  1. Make a time diary: Before implementing any tips in your life, take a week to record your every day activities. Be as accurate and honest as possible. This exercise is often an impactful revelation for people. It serves as a base and reference for using your time effectively.
  2. Learn to say “no”: Try to create time for yourself by simply turning off your cell phone. This will allow time to reflect on your life or participate in an activity that you love. If someone asks you to do something when you’re busy, say no politely and firmly. There is no need for guilt for focusing on you.
  3. Time-based to-do list: Create a to-do or an objectives list for the day with dedicated times for each task. It will help to prioritize and organize your focus.
  4. Let your computer help: Try out several personal scheduling software programs for your mobile devices and desktop with a calendar, list, and contact feature. This digital organization will help to remove physical clutter in your life.
  5. Multitask: Try to combine several activities together to save time. (Of course, avoiding any potentially dangerous situations.) Pay your bills while watching TV. Listen to an audio version of a book while commuting.
  6. Don’t be a perfectionist: Perfectionism can easily lead to excessive attention to insignificant details. This kind of behavior is a kind of procrastination that wastes valuable time. Worrying about miniscule details and unrealistic expectations adds unnecessary stress in your life.

After each step of this process, it is important to reward yourself. Time management should be associated positive emotions. Making progress is an enjoyable process that acknowledges all of your successes- including the smallest ones.

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