Learn to Live with a Mental Illness

Pasadena Villa programs provide personalized interventions leading people towards independence through new skill acquisition and ways to cope with life’s social, emotional, behavioral and spiritual challenges.

Licensed professionals not only lead groups but are integrated within the living environments can attend outings and prescribe specific activities to assist with practicing and acquiring new skills.

Additionally, psychiatrists thoroughly assess and diagnose clients. If applicable, medication is prescribed by a psychiatrist, administered by a nurse. Nutrition, health and wellness regimes are supported through modeling, education and program options to aid clients in their recovery process.

Pasadena Villa Psychiatric Treatment Network of Services, offers a continuum of services. As clients attain the treatment goals, they can step down into more independent living settings like community-based residential, apartment living with partial hospitalization programs. As their living environments offer more flexibility, as does their schedule, to expand into  volunteering within the community, enrolling in college courses or becoming employed.

As clients move through treatment, they report having more confidence and hope in their future. Our families also report having fun and being able to enjoy spending time with their loved one for the first time, in a long time. When beginning treatment, it is not uncommon for both the client and family to be struggling with communication and to have negative feelings about one another and the future.

The client’s treatment needs remain in the center of all programming and experiential work. Our team of licensed individual and family therapists, nurses and doctors, certified recreational, animal assisted and art therapists meet with the client, talk with their area provider and family to build a program tailored for that particular client. Our therapists hold additional certification training in evidence-based interventions. We align the therapist’s experience and training to the clinical needs of our clients. Additionally, we align the group, experiential and program options to the client’s goals.

The most prevalent diagnosis of our clients include: depression, schizophrenia, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorderautism spectrum or Asperger’s syndrome and co-occurring substance use and addiction.

At Pasadena Villa, recognize our clients are more than their diagnosis. We provide clients with insights, guidance and coping skills needed to successfully manage their chronic illness, all while living an independent, productive and fulfilling life.

Explore more below and contact us today. We can help you break through what you’re dealing with and offer hope and healing.