Our Approach

Pasadena Villa Psychiatric Treatment Network has partnered with several COVID-19 testing partners to bring testing to our campuses. We are proud to be a national leader in delivering superior psychiatric care and will continue to invest in measures to be able to provide this essential health benefit.

At The Villa Orlando, we have engaged Aventus Health to provide testing for new staff and clients, and United Clinical Laboratory to provide testing for all current clients and staff. At Smoky Mountain Lodge, we have engaged American Family Care to provide testing for new staff, new clients, current clients, and staff. The Abbott Platform testing for COVID-19 uses oropharyngeal swabs to bring real-time, qualitative PCR based instrument to obtain positive and negative results within 24-48 hours.

Partnering with several testing partners to bring testing on our campuses.



Residential Treatment Program
Outpatient Treatment Program

We will continue to encourage and support all our employees to stay home if sick, quarantine proactively if exposed to COVID-19, and test negative before returning to work. As new updates and guidance are provided through The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and our local public health authorities, we continue to adjust our operation and adopt these recommendations within our environment of care.


Angel Piper

Below is a high-level list of actions that have contributed to our success in keeping our services safe and available:

Utilize cleaning and protective health equipment

All employees and clients trained on standard precautions and sanitation

Closed campus, limiting visitors

Conduct health screenings on employees, clients, and all essential visitors to campus

Changed the admission criteria and procedure to include screening for COVID-19

Isolation spaces available

Comprehensive approach to social distancing on and between campuses

Discontinued interacting within community venues carrying exposure risks

Moved Family Program to virtual experience

Changed to only virtual PHP and IOP services to area community members off-campus

Mandatory masking for all employees and clients

Brought real-time, qualitative PCR based testing on campus for all staff, clients, new admissions and employees