Community Residential Housing

Community Residential Housing

At Pasadena Villa, we take pride in providing all ranges and levels of care. At our Orlando location, the Community Residential Housing (CRH) is the best place to build skills and patterns of successful, healthy living that are transferable to any setting, anywhere. We will teach our residents how to become independent and show them how to become the best versions of themselves.

What Is Community Residential Housing?

Our Community Residential Housing offers a safe space for individuals to learn and practice new skills and apply them in the real world. Our goal is to successfully guide our clients to be self-reliant and independent.

This program is a good fit for those seeking help to live more independent and productive. Clients will have knowledgeable staff in their field when they arrive at the housing, but they will also find an environment to engage in social and cultural outings.

Apartments are available for clients to live independently. Staff members are not there 24/7, so part of the program will be for residents to learn how to live on their own.

Benefits of Community Residential Housing

Pasadena Villa’s Community Residential Housing in Orlando creates confidence for our residents to leave feeling self-assured. We will educate and guide them by creating new, healthier habits.

Orlando provides a dynamic place for our residents to explore, grow, and develop. Among other things, Orlando has:

  • Job opportunities
  • Places to keep up health and wellness, such as the YMCA, Orlando Urban Trail
  • Fun places for activities, including bowling, movies, and restaurants
  • A range of connections in Orlando who can help maintain school work, doctor’s appointments, and therapy

This location sets up our clients for success because it integrates them into a real-world setting. For those struggling to apply learned skills to daily life, the Community Residential Housing is ideal. We will ensure that these skills can work through everyday application and practice.

The other added benefit of our Orlando location is that it’s the perfect environment for us to apply our Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model™. In treatment, results have successfully concluded that the methods that involve “doing” instead of reading or learning by ear have a higher chance of changing behavior.

Methods of Treatment

The Community Residential Housing program revolves around providing a complex skills-building curriculum. Residents can work in individual and group sessions while they are at CRH. Through our psychiatric treatment programs, there is a wide range of important key life domains, such as:

  • Social skills
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Independent living skills (cooking, budgeting, planning, and organizing)
  • Educational and vocational skills for later employment
  • Decision making

Although these skills will be of assistance to residents in the short-term, they will be even more helpful long-term. With these evidence-based approaches, our residents stand the best chance of living fulfilling and productive lives. They will be able to apply what they learn to future living environments.

Also, clients will nurture their experience by volunteering.

  • Clients are not required to be enrolled in school or working before entering CRH, however, they are encouraged to enroll in school or work if they are not already. When they leave the program, we hope that they will be enthusiastic about being active participants in the world around them.

The Community Residential Housing can help residents take control of their lives. To learn more about Pasadena Villa and our Community Residential Housing, reach out to us today. Contact Pasadena Villa by calling now at (866) 324-1074 to find out more.