International Residents

We are fortunate to have the opportunity to serve residents from many countries who have come to us for treatment. For international residents considering Pasadena Villa Psychiatric Residential Treatment Centers® as their specialty treatment provider, please read the following information closely.

Travel to the United States by nationals of other countries requires that the individual has two important documents:

  1. A valid passport
  2. A valid visa – We strongly recommend that prior to starting the visa application process, the applicant and family should collect the documentation needed to prove each of the five itemized points below, as well as assure that the applicant is holding a valid passport. Under U.S. immigration law, foreign nationals seeking treatment in the U.S. (often called “medical tourists”) are considered to be visitors, and must meet the requirements for obtaining a visitor visa, also called a B-2 visitor visa. When contacting the U.S. Consulate to apply for a B-2 visa, keep in mind that the applicant must prove all of the following, and have supportive documentation, to qualify for a visa:
  • The purpose of the trip is to receive medical care
  • The stay in the United States will be for a defined and limited period of time
  • The applicant has sufficient funds to cover all expenses, including the cost of medical care, while in the U.S.
  • Evidence of financial and social ties to the home country
  • Evidence of a residence outside of the U.S. to which the applicant will return after treatment

To justify the trip is for medical treatment, we will provide a letter stating that the applicant has been accepted for treatment, and will include an estimated length of stay (although actual lengths of stay may vary widely based on clinical need). We will also provide a Financial Agreement and Consent for Treatment as supporting documentation

Once you have collected all of your supporting documentation, contact the appropriate U.S. Consulate to obtain Form DS-156 and to schedule an appointment. Form DS-156 may be downloaded directly from the Consular website, found at the U.S. Department of State’s website The site also provides essential information regarding fees and logistics involved in the visa application process.