Admissions Process

The process begins with a call to admissions staff: 877-845-5235. On this call, staff will obtain pertinent clinical and demographic information, and begin the assessment process.

If the candidate for admission is currently in another treatment facility, or has recently been hospitalized, we may request that certain records be forwarded for clinical review, including:

  • Most recent psychiatric evaluation
  • Most recent history and physical
  • Most recent psycho-social history
  • Most recent clinical notes (if in a treatment program)
  • List of current medications (dosage and frequency)
  • Other clinical or educational records that may be useful

Once the clinical information has been reviewed by our Admissions Coordinator and/or Clinical Manager, a determination of viability will be given.

For residents who are not accepted for treatment, a reason for the denial will be provided, as well as recommendations for other treatment options.