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Social Integration: Why is it Important in Residential Treatment?

At Pasadena Villa, our treatment environment is firmly rooted in social integration, which helps our residents experience relevant life strategies in real time. Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration ModelTM teaches coping skills in a combination with group and individual therapy and is practiced through on-site and off-site activities.

“Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration ModelTM prepares clients for life beyond residential treatment by an introduction to relevant, real life situations in the community, in real time.  We surround our social integration model with comprehensive clinical services to gain self-esteem, manage symptoms and instill independence so they can reach the highest level of individual functioning possible,” says Jenny Stokes, Executive Director of The Villa Orlando.

During the social integration activities, the skills learned during the clinical processes are applied in the real world. Our clinicians continuously interact and observe clients to intervene and provide coaching and encouragement on the spot and in the moment. Social integration activities are not “outings” designed for fun and relaxation. Indeed, many of the activities are fun, but the focus is relevant therapy in the moment and improving the social and interpersonal functioning of our residents. Real life learning and application take place, and residents learn how to be more socially successful and productive, regardless of their challenges.

Sally Lawes, Executive Director at Smoky Mountain Lodge shares, “Treatment at Pasadena Villa occurs within the framework of social integration. Both individual interventions and group activities are designed to provide each resident with relevant, real life situations that provide opportunities for coaching and guidance in real-time. Social integration allows our residents to develop mastery of coping skills in the same kinds of situations that have been difficult prior to residential treatment by utilizing the support of master’s level therapists in a variety of real-world settings.”

Recently, during his time with Virgil Stucker of Virgil Stucker and Associates, David Bell, CEO of Pasadena Villa, discussed social integration and its importance as part of life in a residential treatment program. They also detail how social integration develops a sense of belonging through a sense of hope and courage.

Learn more about how Pasadena Villas Social Integration ModelTM assists residents in a productive life after treatment.




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