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Overcoming Barriers to Mental Health Treatment

Mental illness affects over 43.8 million adults in the U.S. each year, but over 56% of those suffering do not receive treatment. According to SAMSHA, individuals suffering from a mental illness have up to a seven times greater chance of facing barriers to medical care than those who do not have a disorder.

There are many challenges that these individuals face when contemplating treatment for their illness. Stigma creates an environment of shame, fear, and silence that prevents people from seeking treatment and reaching out for help. Another barrier is the rising cost of prescription drugs, and higher co-pays and deductibles combined with limited mental health services, all playing a role in preventing someone seeking mental health treatment. Another barrier is the shortage of providers and facilities equipped to address mental health issues in the United States. There is only one mental health provider (l (including psychiatrists, psychologists, licensed clinical social workers, counselors, marriage and family therapists, and advanced practice nurses) in the U.S., for every 529 individuals with a mental health disorder. This ratio is in critical need of improvement for a successful recovery for more individuals.

Virgil Stucker of Virgil Stucker and Associates and David Bell, CEO of Pasadena Villa discussed this topic in more detail, touching on the economic barrier to residential treatment, and more importantly, the hopelessness that many individuals often feel. Pasadena Villa helps to restore this hopelessness by providing therapeutic interventions that help people live a fulfilling and functional life. We combine evidence-based treatment modalities within a social integration framework. Social integration allows us to prepare our residents for life after treatment by using hands-on involvement in relevant, real time life strategies within the community in real time. This effective therapeutic alliance with the clinicians allows for immediate and ongoing feedback, support, and direction to help guide the process and assist the resident in meeting their individualized treatment goals. Combining recreational, social, and life-skill activities with therapeutic methods help residents in assimilating into everyday life.

Finding ways to overcome the barriers to treatment is vital for those who are suffering. At Pasadena Villa, we offer quality treatment and a path to a social fulfilling life.  Learn more from Virgil and David as they discuss the barriers to mental health treatment.



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