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What is the benefit of Residential Treatment? A Discussion with Virgil Stucker

Virgil Stucker of Virgil Stucker and Associates and David Bell, CEO of Pasadena Villa, continue their discussion on residential treatment by exploring the benefits of this level of care. At Pasadena Villa, we offer intensive residential treatment, our most intensive level of care, and we also provide a less intensive community residential care in single family group homes. 

Why residential treatment?

The residential level of care helps clients to gain the tools they will need to lead a fulfilling life after treatment. At this level, residents are provided with 24-hour staffing and a variety of individual and group therapies. Pasadena Villa’s Social Integration Model™ is used in conjunction with these therapies to help residents meet their individualized treatment goals and regain control of their lives. Social integration during residential treatment also provides residents an opportunity for constant interaction with peers and staff.

Learn more about the benefits of residential treatment from Virgil and David.




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