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Pasadena Villa’s Smoky Mountain Lodge Utilizes the Benefits of Animal Assisted Therapy.

The Stables at Smoky Mountain Lodge are situated on a beautiful 25 acre farm setting in a serene environment of rolling hills and pastures. Our dynamic Animal Assisted Therapy program uses therapy animals to enhance our resident’s physical, emotional and social well-being. The emotional connection between the animals and residents involved can be extraordinarily powerful, nurturing and healing, and becomes a key component of our compassionate care.

What Are Some Advantages of Animal Assisted Therapy?

  • Enhances problem-solving skills, decision making skills and personal responsibility
  • Breaks down defense barriers and empowers residents by giving them a sense of control
  • Improves resident self-concept and internal locus of control
  • Teaches empathy, responsibility and patience
  • Stimulates creativity, improves social interactions and builds trust in relationships
  • Decreases feelings of hopelessness and levels of stress, reduces anger and hostility by conveying lessons on an emotional level
  • Decreases heart rate and blood pressure to normal levels
  • Increases the release of beta-endorphins

We provide a range of therapy animals including horses, a miniature English heritage sheep, miniature African dairy goats, and even exotic rabbits. Our psychotherapists, recreational therapists and our experienced animal care professionals work together as a therapeutic team with our residents and the animals. This team approach, along with the residents bond with the animal, provides a very unique and relaxing therapeutic environment.

The Villa Orlando and Pasadena Villa’s Smoky Mountain Lodge are adult intensive psychiatric residential treatment centers for clients with serious mental illnesses. We also provide other individualized therapy programs, step-down residential programs, and less intensive mental health services, such as Community Residential Homes, Supportive Housing, Day Treatment Programs and Life Skills training. Pasadena Villa’s Outpatient Center in Raleigh, North Carolina offers partial hospitalization (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (PHP). If you or someone you know may need mental health services, please complete our contact form or call us at 877-845-5235 for more information.



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