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The Seven Sins of Memory

Memory can create trouble for us, causing us to forget or distort the past. Sometimes disturbing memories may haunt us for years. Memory plays a pervasive role in our daily lives. This can be taken for granted until one realizes the memory failing them. The following are the 7 most common errors of memory.

1. Transience – This refers to a general loss of memory. This basic feature can include short-term memory and forgetting things quickly, or long-term memory and slowly forgetting things.

2. Absentmindedness – Misplacing your glasses or forgetting an appointment can be considered absentminded memory errors. This occurs because we are preoccupied with other issues or concerns. Basically we do not focus attention on what we need to remember.

3. Blocking– Trying to recall information that we are looking for is called blocking. This is a frustrating experience and can occur when paying attention to the task. It may take hours or day to retrieve the blocked memory, like a name or question you meant to ask.

4. Misattribution – Assigning a memory to the wrong source is known as misattribution. It could be as simple as incorrectly remembering a friend told you trivia that you actually read about in a newspaper. Misattribution is very common and has caused profound issues in legal settings.

5. Suggestibility – This refers to memories implanted as a result of leading questions, comments or suggestions. You may be inclined to accept and act on the suggestions of others when trying to call up a past experience. Top of Form

6. Bias – We can edit or replace previous experiences, unknowingly and unconsciously, even if it goes against what we know or believe. The result is a skewed, incorrect creation of a specific incident. Our current feelings alter the memory more what actually happened in the past.

7. Persistence – The repeated recall of disturbing information or events we wish to not remember is known as persistence. You may be unable to stop thinking about a painful incident on the job or a disappointing result. Depression or traumatic experiences can cause persistence to become disabling and life threatening.

For the full story on the 7 Sins of Memory, visit Psychology Today.

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